Free Will, Existence, and Obesity

I’ve been thinking much about existence lately and what it means to exist or not. The trouble is that if we say the mind exists, then the things contained in the mind(dreams, thoughts, beliefs) exist. The thoughts and beliefs we have are powerful enough to cause us to act in certain ways. A fine example of this is the fear of hell and how powerfully it scares people away from questioning religion.

We have much work ahead of us in reforming our language. In a recent podcast I spoke with Mitch about the existence problem. The free will question is not a question of existence. It’s a logical problem of trying to make people responsible doing for what they could not have done otherwise. When we talk about free will, choice, personal responsibility, etc. We are talking about things which are believed or felt psychologically but which cannot be observed with our 5 senses nor can experiments be performed to test them.

This brings me to an important topic. We need to revisit the whole issue of obesity and fat shaming. I recently watched the first pary of a documentary called “WHO made me FAT”. The comments revealed huge belief in choice and personal responsibility. Here is one of the dumbest comments:

“I saw the title for this video. I did not watch the video. I know the answer. YOU. You made you fat. No willpower, no self control. You’re fat and it’s a problem. I have four words for you: Eat less. Move more.”

Because people believe in free choice, they are going to blame the obese people for choosing to eat unhealthily. Another comment summed this up:

“hmm, who made a fat person fat? Probably that person, unless someone is forcing them to eat fatty foods at gunpoint.”

So apparently the only way you were caused to eat a certain food is if someone held a gun to your head. People are forgetting about the “Invisible Gun to the Head” that Nick Vale and I were talking about in one of our older episodes. The reason for this is simple, unless something is visible, people don’t think it exists! That’s why people say that something has no cause just because they don’t see a cause. Seriously this is a challenge and worth serious conversation.

I recently started a playlist which I will be adding videos related to obesity and why it’s not not people’s fault that they are fat. If we can find the magic spark to connect the obesity issue with the free will issue, then just maybe people will get it. I’m still not exactly sure how but we need to revisit it and get back to something which is quite visible: obesity.

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