The Illusion of Celibate Choice

Relevant Philosophy of Chandler

I have spent much time writing about and talking about the Illusion of Free Will, also known as “choice” by the majority of the world. Most people have accepted by now that no one chooses their sexual orientation. However, I would like to challenge the claim that celibacy is a choice.

Suppose someone takes a religious vow of celibacy. I would argue that this is something they were caused to do not by genetics, but caused by environment. If you are a Christian of some sort that has been taught that sex is some kind of evil sin of the flesh, you will be motivated to avoid it. This is true regardless of if you are heterosexual, homosexual, pansexual, bisexual, or whatever else there is.

Suppose there are two people. The asexual is the person who has no desire for sex. The celibate sexual is the person who has some…

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