Big news for the podcast and the world!

I told my mother about episode 81 of our podcast. She requested to speak on our show because she is highly interested in this topic and has a big history of people fat shaming her. Then plan is to have her listen to our episode we’ve already done and join us for an episode.

Also, along with emailing the group, I will also be reposting our podcast news on my blog. I also wrote something else that I believe George will find really funny.

I am going to be recruiting new guests and cohosts for our podcast. I also replied to a tweet by Lee Lemon who describes herself as “Former Fat Shit turned Shitlord Marine & NASM personal trainer”.

Here is a link to the tweet I replied to.

For all my followers on social media, I am also including the link to what may be one of the most important episodes of our podcast.

81. The No Free Will Diet

Anyhow, now I plan to go listen to the episode again myself. See you later!

The Free Will, Science and Religion Podcast is Live on iTunes and Stitcher.

The usual times we get on skype are Saturday 6PM Central and Sunday 1PM Central. Also, any two or more cohosts are welcome to record episodes at any time during the week. If they do so, it is a good idea to email me at so that I can keep things organized when I upload them.

Facebook page:

official podcast site:


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