72. Independence Day and Free Speech vs. Free Will

Chandler Klebs and George Ortega talk about the major difference between political freedom(such as freedom of speech or freedom of religion) and free will(free from causality and acausality). Political freedom means that you can speak an opinion or follow a religion without being punished. However, what you do is still determined by prior causes over which you had no part in making. So it is possible to have the freedom to do what you want. It’s just not possible to choose your wants!

We had some major internet connection trouble on George’s end so he occasionally cut out. What you are hearing is what is left after large portions of silence and conversations about the Skype call quality and slow internet where George is at. It was some work but it’s worth it because we talked about so many interesting things. Normally we’ve been trying to keep our published episodes under 30 minutes, but this one is a slight exception because there was too much valuable information about the universe and big bang that I did not want to cut.



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