The Free Will Puppet Test; An Answer to Compatibilist Obfuscations.

Exogenous Agency - Our Un Free Will

I just realized that there’s a simple way to address much of the confusion that arises when different people, especially academics, use and defend different versions of the term free will. It’s designed especially to tease out what Compatibilists truly believe about the notion, and I call it “The Puppet Test.”

The idea is to ask Compatibilists the following question;  “According to your definition of free will, do we have any more control over what we do than does a puppet?” That simple and straight-forward question should be able to cut through their usual obfuscation and sophistry, and pin them down to addressing the matter as historically defined, and as refuted by Determinists and Impossiblists, (those of us who believe free will is impossible regardless of whether or not the universe is deterministic, meaning governed by the law of cause and effect).

The question that then arises is what percentage…

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