Keeping busy.

I don’t blog nearly as much as I had originally planned. So it only makes sense to write a blog post about what keeps me so busy and why I am not as active at blogging as in the past.

In recent months, I have heavily been involved with the Free Will topic. I have been reading an awesome book by James B. Miles called: “The Free Will Delusion: How We Settled for the Illusion of Morality“. So far I am in chapter two which is the longest chapter I have seen in any of the books refuting Free Will that I have read so far.

I also am a cohost on the Free Will, Science, and Religion podcast. This is the most massive social interaction I have ever been part of because I am talking to tons of people of different backgrounds. This has caused me to not feel the need to debate on facebook as much as I used to about abortion and veganism.

I have also been wondering who I should talk to, and when I should talk to anybody about sensitive issues. I am a shy person by nature and I don’t like conflict, yet I keep finding it because the subjects I care about scratch old wounds because they are the most emotional and controversial topics that exist. Because of this it seems best to focus mostly on the podcasts I record with the other cohosts. If I can talk to them without starting a fight, then it is practice for the real world which is much more difficult.

Talking to people online is no risk because if it gets nasty I can ignore or block them. I can’t do that with people at my job or with my mother who I live with. I may look fearless on the internet, but when it comes to everyday situations, my response is to run and hide. Does anyone else feel this way?


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