Haters gonna hate.

The following is a comment I got on a thread in a Facebook group.

“It shows that you are possibly quite out of touch with reality. My little pony is a show for children, so a bit creepy that a grown man would like it. Also, I guess in pony land, things like overpopulation and rape don’t exist, so there’s no way all those rape babies could be born as carnists and drain all our planet’s resources and murder every animal like I previously mentioned in my above post. To me, being pro-life instead of pro-choice is not only sexist but also speciesist as well.”

I am not sure what is meant by all this but this is just one of many mean comments I got for daring to mention abortion and its relevance to veganism.


  1. Name calling. Ugh. Reasonable, and respectful discussion is such a dying art. I lean pro-choice but I understand why pro-life is a legitimate position.

    Quick question: from what I hear the scientific consensus is that a fetus can’t feel pain until 24 weeks. I was wondering if you believe that’s correct, as you have more knowledge on this subject.

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    1. I think that it might feel pain earlier than 24 weeks. My concern is that if abortion is done at all it is better for it to be done before it feels pain. Ideally though I would like there to be no conception so I am all for whatever prevents the start of the process if people intend to kill it after it has already started. I am glad that at least you can understand why someone would be against abortion. Anyone who considers the unborn a living animal would have a hard time justifying killing it.

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      1. Yeah, when a fetus can feel pain, it should be protected. That’s my stance. I do think however, that exceptions can be made when the life of the mother is in serious danger.

        And I think you are absolutely on target, that our goal should be to prevent conception (unwanted conception). That is where the Catholic church, for example, is a major hindrance to the really good birth control options that are becoming available. Better birth control is a win-win for both sides of the debate. Less babies killed and less unwanted pregnancies are mutual goals.

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      2. Exactly. This is something that I agree on and part of why I wish to eliminate the religious opposition to birth control since I tend to think that anything that prevents the pregnancy in the first place makes everyone involved win.

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