New York Times reviews Sam Harris’s “Free Will”

Why Evolution Is True

In Sunday’s New York Times Book Review, author and editor Daniel Menaker evaluates Sam Harris’s new book in a review called, “Have it your way.”  I hoped Menaker would engage Harris’s arguments, for book reviews are boring if they merely regurgitate the book’s contents. And though I agree with Sam’s thesis and think his book excellent, the best book reviews are those that take issue with a book’s contents: in such cases we can often experience and learn from from a real clash of intellects. As a famous scientist once told me, “The only good book review is a bad book review.”

Sadly, most of Menaker’s review simply regurgitates Sam’s ideas. While the review is generally positive, Menaker calls parts of it “prosaic.”  And there is this weird paragraph:

Even though Harris assures us that civilized society can survive and might even improve with the abandonment of the…

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