Conversation with a Christian part 3

Relevant Philosophy of Chandler

Christian: “Sir I am not about to buy a book to get a straight answer out of you, it is a yes or no question do we have free will?  Lets try to keep pro-life discussions for later.  first for our discussion we need solid ground on whether or not you think we have free will.  No matter what our genetics may or may not predispose us too our what is happening in our environments around us, do you not believe that we have the ability to think and act upon our own thoughts and desires?”

Chandler Klebs: Alright, I will give you a clear answer about the free will thing. Basically, we have no choice but to act on our desires. And we did not choose what desires we were born with. Nor can we pull new desires out of thin air. So the correct answer is that we…

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