Conversation with a Christian part 2

Relevant Philosophy of Chandler

I meet some interesting people who see my posts and comments on Facebook. One of them sent me a private message and I found it to be interesting. I will be quoting the messages they sent me while keeping them anonymous.

Christian: “I believe God would say, I have made it a matter of everyones free will to enter into my heaven by choosing Jesus as their personal Lord and Saviour.  He and I are one!  I sacrificed myself so that anyone who would accept that I laid down my life for them to cleanse them of their sins in my own blood could enter.  To anyone who seeks me shall find me I am open to anyone who humbles themselves enough to seek the truth.  I existed before time and will be after time ceases to exist, I AM.”

Chandler Klebs: You need to accurately define what you mean…

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