Conversation with a Christian part 1

Relevant Philosophy of Chandler

I meet some interesting people who see my posts and comments on Facebook. One of them sent me a private message and I found it to be interesting. I will be quoting the messages they sent me while keeping them anonymous.

Christian: “If you have never heard the gospel truth about Jesus I would be more than happy to share it with you, if you wish of course.  I can also explain the answer you were seeking and point out examples of how the Holy Spirit can change people so drastically that it would abolish abortions.

Chandler Klebs: If this holy spirit can change people in a way that would abolish abortions, why has it not done so already? That is the first thing I want to know.

Christian: “Few are truly born again, there is an epidemic of false conversions and denominations that pose as being Christian when only…

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