Book Review: Free Will? An investigation into whether we have free will or whether I was always going to write this book.

Jonathan Pearce has written what is quite possibly the most detailed explanation of the problems with free will. He covers philosophical, scientific, and theological issues that conflict with humans being the author of our choices.

I would recommend this book to free will believers who are Christians because they will find familiar concepts that will teach them more about their own beliefs as well as that of others.

Particularly interesting is the parts about Calvinism and Molinism. I learned some thing I didn’t know before.

But the final reason that free will is impossible has nothing to do with religion. Determinism cannot be escaped for the atheist either. This is a book for everyone.

The fifth part of the book is about the concepts of morality, responsibility, and the purpose of punishment. For the determinist, punishment can only serve as a correction for criminals to ensure that they do not repeat the crimes. Any feeling of retribution is gone for those who see free will for the illusion that it is.

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