Our unfree will moral failure

There is a little bit of confusion that needs to be cleared up. Understanding that humans do not have a free will does not mean that they are a puppet of a god. This would only be true if a god both existed and had a free will.

The problem is that all choices that could be made by anything, whether natural or supernatural, must have a cause. This means that the concept of a free will is logically incoherent. To make a free choice is to choose without a reason.

Any choice made with no reason could also not be a moral or immoral choice because it means that a moral standard is irrelevant to that choice.

So all this talk about people freely choosing to be good or bad is the ultimate in nonsense. If you believe in a moral code of any sort, then all your decisions should line up with it.

When people fail to live up to their moral standards, it is more evidence that they are not perfect enough to always do the right thing(even by the standards they claim to follow).

This is only one more example that shows our lack of ability to make choices free of our poor memories and emotions that get in the way of doing what results in the most happiness for us and others.


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