7. How Free Will Belief Causes Denial

The belief in free will can often lead us into denial. If we believe that there is a problem, we might want to do something about it, but unless we have knowledge that change is possible, we won’t know what to do. We make the mistake of waiting for “someone else” to fix the problem. Even worse, we sometimes might try to believe that the problem does not even exist! This is a funny trick our minds play on us. I don’t blame people for not wanting to see the truth because sometimes it hurts. We find it easier to believe that there is no pain in this world. However, problems do not solve themselves. Instead of waiting for someone to make a change in this world, ask yourself this question: Can that someone be you?

If you have a desire of any sort that is strong enough, you will work to satisfy that desire. What is your strongest desire? Do you want to reduce pain? Do you want to create beautiful art? Do you want to tell your story? Find your desire that you did not choose. You do not have the freedom of will to change or ignore that desire forever. What you do have is the freedom to act on that desire. This is why denial will disappear as you understand who you are and what you want.

I have many desires, but my strongest desire was to reduce abortion. There came a time when I could think of nothing else. It consumed all my thoughts. I started doing whatever I believed would cause people to see abortion as the murder that it is. I know now that I could not have done otherwise. I had no choice.

I want to create a better world for everyone. One with less pain, anger, blame, hate,fear, and denial. A world that is one worth being born into. Since free will belief causes many of these things that I want to eliminate, refuting it is the way I think may work toward this goal. If it works, I believe it will reduce abortion, but even if it did not, the other ways it will save lives will be worth it.


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