3. Free Will Belief and Life Having Meaning

The most common defense of Free Will that I hear from people is the claim: “If we are just robots, life has no meaning.”

This is nonsense. When was the last time you got bored with your computer, ipod, car, microwave, or television because they we just a machine? If anything, I feel that like all machines, we have a purpose. We just don’t usually have a clue what it is nor do we come with a warranty or instruction manual. We may be machines, but there is a big difference between living machines and non-living machines. We are irreplacable. Think about yourself and those you love. If they were to die, would you be able to buy a replacement for them? Because such a thing is impossible, I can still make the claim that all biological robots have an advantage over man made machines. This is why I my pro-life position is not dependent on magical abilities like free will. It also made it easier to accept the simple fact that I was a robot which was programmed by nature and nurture.

Our understanding of what life is and its meaning is also determined by our causal past. I have found that my life has more meaning if things have a cause, reason, or purpose. If my choices were completely free, they would be random and without any meaning that I could see. I am happy that this is not the case.


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