Free Will and Abortion Denial

The belief in free will can cause people to deny reality and prevent them from solving problems. This is clear in the case of the abortion debate. What we have are many people on both sides that are completely oblivious to what is really going on.

The pro-life side is trying to prevent women from “choosing” to kill their children. While I agree with all pro-lifers who see abortion as the murder of an unborn child, I believe many of them have failed to see that this is not simply a matter of a woman choosing “of her own free will”. If it was that simple, I highly doubt that any difference could be made. If the women are in any way “forced” by society to feel the need for this, then it could never be called a choice at all.

The pro-choice side wants to frame abortion as not only a “choice”, but as a rational and good choice that is somehow empowering women and giving them the same “rights” as men. Feminism has nothing to do with murder. If anything, it is men who are making a lot of money at the expense of women who pay a doctor(who is often a man)to kill their baby before it is born. To accept something as good just because it is a “choice” is to give people a false sense of freedom. A freedom that none of us have and a freedom that I have no desire for.

I know that these views do not represent all people who call themselves pro-life or pro-choice, but this is the understanding I have based on all that I have read and heard. I have participated in many debates online and I believe that there are some misunderstandings that need to be cleared up. I plan to use definitions that are accurate to what I believe most people mean when they talk about free will. I then want to explain what I believe the lack of free will implies in the subject of abortion.

If we understand that women are not freely choosing abortion and that they are caused to do so by forces outside of their control, then we can more effectively reduce the number of abortions. The reason for doing so should be obvious. If you see abortion as murder, then you are motivated to do whatever will prevent it. If you do not agree that abortion is murder, then you will dismiss everything I have to say. The message I am trying to communicate is for people who already see abortion as the crime that it is, but who may not know how to fight against it.

If humans have what is called a “free will”, we cannot make a difference. A person with free will would be able to freely choose whatever they want no matter what someone says or does. To have a free will is to be free from causality or determinism. If I didn’t believe that I could change the minds of people on abortion, I would not spend all the time I do debating them.

This is because I know that people can and often do change. When they do so, it is not of their free will. There is no such thing. Instead, an event happens in their life that forces them to change what they are doing. Such an event happened to me in the past and I wish it would happen to everyone. I desire to cause a positive change by refuting free will and explaining that what happens in our world is not a matter of choice or chance, but instead is a series of causes.


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